Statistics Show More Preadolescent Acne Sufferers Than Ever Before

Statistics Show More Preadolescent Acne Sufferers Than Ever BeforeAcne is a condition that is seen mostly among teens and adults. As of late dermatologists have found more and more pre-teens are affected by acne. This is becoming more and more common place everyday.

It’s no longer uncommon for pre-teens even as young as 8 years old to suffer from acne. The main cause is due to premature hormonal activity. Pre-teens are basically going through puberty at a younger age.

According to Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield, who is a pediatric dermatologist at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego explains how acne should be treated in younger patients.

Daily reports show that acne in children can be caused by early onset puberty, but it is important that a professional diagnosis is sought due to it being the sign of more serious hormonal problems.

As we all know acne will appear in the T-zone. In its most common form you will see blackheads and whiteheads, but in more serious cases pimples can form which can lead to scarring.  The other problem with pre-teen acne is its impact on self-perception. It has been found to lower self-esteem and stress and even depression. To prevent acne it is vital to use natural acne treatments on their young skin to calm the itch and fight further infections.

Finding an acne treatment that works is important as there are many products designed specifically to combat acne without drying out your skin. Specifically, ones which have natural ingredients only.

A general rule of thumb when trying a new acne product is to use it regularly and stick to it for at least 3 weeks to assess if the effects are worthwhile. There are many that are completely useless in fact and can cause more harm than good.  However if you go with natural acne products you can’t go wrong.  Especially for pre-teens this is essential. Their skin should not get scarred by the harsh chemicals in most acne products. A natural acne product will not harm the skin and will in fact rejuvenate it.  So always go natural with acne treatments.