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Think you’ve tried everything? Try Salcura Antiac Natural Spray for Acne!

You’ve probably tried everything under the sun (maybe even including the sun?!) to try to get rid of acne. The problem with most other products, however, is that they contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals may irritate your skin, make it red and potentially even prolong the problem. It’s time you tried something all natural that helps your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself, fight bacteria and produce new healthy skin cells. This is what Salcura antiac spray can do for you. If you’re looking for something to finally get rid of those spots, then read on!

Why do you need to get rid of acne?

You already know why! No one likes waking up to see a huge red pimple on their skin. It’s embarrassing and unsightly and not good for anyone’s social life. What’s worse is that if you pick at it (and you know you do!) it could leave a scar that stays with you for quite some time.

Salcura Antiac Spray— 100% natural acne solution with a solid track record

If you’re looking for an acne treatment that is proven effective, 100 percent natural and without skin-damaging chemicals, then you’ve finally found it! Salcura Antiac Spray is a 100% plant-based acne treatment that is effective regardless of your age or skin type. Antiac helps clear acne, black heads, white-heads and blemishes. Its natural ingredients also combat bacterial infection, reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin. Antiac can be used as a quick remedy for unsightly blemishes as well as a long-term solution to your acne problems.

embarrasing bodies best acne product Salcura antiac

One of the UK’s most popular TV shows is called “Embarrassing Bodies” In one episode, they tested a bunch of different Acne remedies including Clearasil and (you guessed it!) Antiac by Salcura was rated as being the most effective. You can see the segment for yourself below:

How does Salcura Antiac Spray work?

Acne is caused by three main problems that work in conjunction with each other:

  1. Bacterial infection
  2. Inflammation
  3. Blockage

Now what Antiac spray does is it addresses all of these problems at the same time.

Hormonal changes in our body causes the sebaceous glands to over-secrete sebum. This is where the problem begins. Excess sebum and dry skin cells mix and block pores. The sebum build up, can them stimulate a bacterial infection causing white blood cells to neutralize the infection and case inflammation.

what causes acne

Fortunately, Antiac’s triple action formula takes care of these problem for you. Here’s how the triple-acting Antiac works:

Bacterial infection

Antiac contains natural ingredients that are highly effective against bacteria and rapidly neutralizes infections


the natural formulation of this product provides a soothing and calming effect on the skin, while at the same time reducing the visible signs of acne


After spraying Antiac on your face, it immediately delivers deep cleansing action that forces excess sebum and debris out of the skin.

Antiac is a liquid spray that provides fast and deep skin absorption and does not leave behind a non-greasy residue. Antiac is safe to use on all skin types at any age.

What are the ingredients of Antiac?

Salcura Antiac is made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world. With Antiac’s natural formula, you need not worry any more about potentially harmful chemicals such as cortisones, parabens, peroxides and paraffin.

Here are the four most active natural ingredients of Salcura Antiac:

Sea buckthorn:


Sea buckthorn is an anti-itch ingredient that promotes the regeneration of skin tissue


Manuka to fight acne


Combats bacterial and fungal infection. It also has anti-histamine and anti-allergic properties


sandalwood for pimples

Its cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties helps to keep many types of skin infection at bay

Tea tree:

tea tree acne treatment

Tea Tree has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The history behind Salcura

Back in the 1990s a German bio-scientist by the name of Dr. Martin Schiele discovered a natural way of treating the skin problems of factory workers handling chemicals.

Dr. Schiele’s formula uses only natural ingredients that were tested and proven highly effective in treating and soothing various types of skin disorders. After more than a decade of further research, he perfected his blend of ingredients and launched a skin treatment product line called 「Salcura.」

Salcura is dedicated to providing an alternative, chemical-free, all-natural skin care and treatment products.
Salcura products are widely available in large pharmacy chains and natural health shops across Europe. And of course, now you can get Salcura products here in Canada from All Salcura products are manufactured and imported exclusivity from the UK.

How to go from acne to soft silky skin

If you want to go from pimples to baby soft skin, you should stop using harmful products on your face. After only a few days using Salcura Antiac, you will see already see some real improvements in the texture and tone of your skin.
To use the product, start by washing your face and spray the product directly on the affected areas. Some people who tried the product report a tingling sensation. After a few days of use, you will see a marked improvement in the texture and condition of your skin.

How do I Use Salcura Antiac Clearing Spray?

You simply use it once in the morning and once in the evening when necessary. After cleaning the skin, apply the spray onto hands or cotton pad and massage onto affected areas so that it almost disappears into the skin.

Salcura’s guarantee of quality to you

30 day money back guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll be able to say goodbye to your acne. offers a no-questions-asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Order today and begin to see beautiful clear skin. As cheesy as it sounds, you have nothing to loose but the Acne!


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