Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema

//Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema

Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema

If you suffer from the discomfort of eczema and you are trying to control it by doing all of the things necessary to keep the flare ups to a minimum, but still somehow failing, it may be because of the food you are eating.

Yes it’s true flare ups can be triggered by food we eat. The most common foods for this are wheat, dairy and eggs. This is a staple for many people and can be very difficult to cut out completely from the diet. Besides why deprive yourself of your favorite foods if you don’t have to. The following are a list of foods we’ve put together that are alternatives to your regular wheat, dairy and egg products.

Dairy Alternative

Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 1– Brown Rice Drink: as an alternative to milk, brown rice drinks are the best, dairy-free alternative which are sweet and do not include any of the stabilizers, thickeners, or sweeteners that could cause flare ups. These drinks are usually made from natural spring water and organic rice. They will contain sunflower oil and sea salt. They also come in a variety of flavors such as almond, hazelnut and chocolate.


Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 2– Coconut Yogurt: for the yogurt lovers, coconut yogurt can help. These healthy snacks are very creamy and feel really rich when in fact they’re great for you. Key ingredient is nearly 100% coconut milk, and they come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, mango and mixed berry, and taste better than most desserts.


Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 3– Look for Ice Cream Substitutes: if you love your ice cream, then find ice cream alternatives. Ice cream alternatives are made mostly from water, milk or yogurt. They also come in some wildly original flavors. Although slightly more pricey than regular ice cream a little will go a long way.


Wheat Alternatives:

– Gluten Free Options: Find gluten free bread for your daily breakfast or lunch sandwiches. The taste is negligible from regular bread and can come in a variety of flavor options like, chia seed, soya, and linseed.  Another great option is gluten free cakes. There are several brands out there that promote gluten free products. Just check the labels and enjoy.Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 4

– Brown Rice Pasta: For those of you who need their daily dose of spaghetti or a big bowl of pasta, there is also brown rice pasta in the form of fusilli, penne and spaghetti. They cook fast and taste the same as regular pasta. Price on these products are comparable to regular pasta or better.


Egg Alternatives:

Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 5

– Chia Seeds: These look nothing like eggs however they are a great egg alternative because they are great at absorbing liquid when left to soak. They are the perfect replacement for eggs in backing so you can continue to enjoy your favorite treats. To replace 1 egg use 3 tablespoons of chia seeds and 3 tablespoons of water.


Finding Alternatives For Foods That Trigger Eczema 6

– Bananas: if you love pancakes, bananas can replace eggs very well. Bananas bind the ingredients together and add natural sweetness at the same time. Other ingredients you can try to add to your pancake mix are oats and coconut oil which helps create a delicious fluffy pancake.


Use these alternatives and keep enjoying the foods you love while keeping eczema flare ups at bay. Remember to use your Dermaspray and Zeoderm along with these healthy tips.

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