The Most Effective Ways to Manage Child Eczema

//The Most Effective Ways to Manage Child Eczema

The Most Effective Ways to Manage Child Eczema

There are approximately 1 in 5 children who suffer from eczema every year and majority of them show symptoms of eczema before the age of two. As the child grows the location and look of eczema changes. The most common spots are the forehead, cheeks and scalp.

As you probably already know, there is no cure for eczema as of yet. However it is very manageable using the correct habits and natural treatments. We at Natural Concept believe these tips can significantly help you manage your child’s eczema.

If you try these tips let us know how they worked.

1. Use The Most Gentle Products On Your Child’s Skin 

This is something that comes as no surprise, using products with harsh unnatural chemicals will irritate your child’s eczema prone skin. So to avoid further irritation always find products that are natural and gentle on the skin.

2. Keep Your Childs Environment Cool and Give Them A Warm Bath

Warm baths are a great way to relax after a long day; however, hot baths can cause the skin to loose moisture quickly and cause more irritation to your child. Also bathing your child to often can also cause more moisture loss in the skin, causing any existing patches of Eczema to become worse. The more moisture the skin has the better.

3. Keep Your Child’s Finger Nails Short At All Times 

By doing this you are preventing the infection from spreading. If they are constantly scratching it can also prevent bleeding and breaking of the skin.

4. Clothing Can Be an Irritant As Well 

Check your child’s clothing and make sure you are not putting them in rough fabrics. An example of rough fabrics are wool and nylon. The clothing should allow the skin to breathe and should be soft. Try cottons instead.

5. Keep Your Child Hydrated

This is most important! Water is in every cell in our body and when the cells lack moisture they fall apart.  Using moisturizer on the skin is great from the outside but nothing is better than water to hydrate your skin from the inside out.

6. Keep Track Of Your Child’s Reaction To Foods

Foods like peanuts, eggs and soy among others can be triggering outbreaks through allergic reactions.  Always check with your healthcare professional before permanently excluding anything from your child’s diet.

7. Keep Track of External Factors That Could Be Affecting Your Child

External factors such as chemicals, pollutants in our products and pets could also affect your child.  If you believe any of these could be triggering flare ups, try to gradually eliminate them by means of deduction.  Keep an eye out for changes once these have been removed from your child’s environment.

8. Always Take a Quick Wash After a Swim

Kids love to swim but the chlorine in pools are really bad for eczema. It is imperative to wash the chlorine off as soon as possible after swimming to avoid any irritation.

Finally keep your kids smiling. There are studies out there that have shown a strong correlation between stress and eczema outbreaks. So keep them happy and smiling as much as you possibly can!

The Most Effective Ways to Manage Child Eczema

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