What Effect Do Clothes Have on Eczema?

//What Effect Do Clothes Have on Eczema?

What Effect Do Clothes Have on Eczema?

What Effect Do Clothes Have on EczemaEczema is a chronic condition that causes itchiness all over the body. What you wear on your body can have an impact on that itching sensation. Clothes are on and around your body for the majority of the day, so they would certainly play a role with skin conditions such as Eczema. There is some clothing that is known to make eczema conditions worse, but also some that can help to relieve it. How you wear the clothing is also important. Loose fitting clothes will reduce how much the fabric rubs and touches your skin. This can help in some way to reduce the amount of irritation. A very important thing to consider is what material your clothing is made of.


Of course, you will want to avoid rough fabrics when dealing with eczema. Synthetic fabrics, such as latex, may also present an increase in skin irritation. Try to avoid wool clothing. They can be very itchy and also make skin warmer. Heat has a tendency to make the eczema condition worse.  Polyester is also potentially itchy, especially for sensitive skin.  Denim, leather and some kinds of linen are very rough, or stiff, and the constant rubbing against the skin can scratch and exacerbate the condition.


Cotton is very popular when it comes to managing eczema. It’s smooth and allows skin to breathe, which means it will be able to stay cool. Very soft cotton will be the most comfortable. Most kinds of silk would be irritating for the skin, however there are some that are not, due to the special process in their making. Normal silk is crafted with a substance known as sericin which is mixed within the fibres to keep the individual threads together. Sericin can be irritating to sensitive skin with eczema. Silk made for medical use is processed in a way that removes sericin and makes the fabric even smoother. Specially made silk and cotton are both soft, breathable fabrics.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to understanding how clothing can affect conditions of eczema.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to reduce irritation as much as possible. Keeping the right fabrics in mind, avoiding tight clothing and staying cool are the best ways to prevent your condition from becoming worse.

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