Are eczema sufferers at higher risk of infections? What can you do to reduce the risk?

//Are eczema sufferers at higher risk of infections? What can you do to reduce the risk?

Are eczema sufferers at higher risk of infections? What can you do to reduce the risk?

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It is a known fact that 100% of eczema sufferer’s deal with the annoying, aggravating and persistent ITCH associated with eczema.  It is commonly agreed upon by those with eczema, that the 「itch」 is the worst and most troubling issue when dealing with an eczema flare-up.  Along with the fact that most sufferers also experience a higher level of dryness in the skin, it is safe to say it is common for them to experience higher occurrences of skin infections.  Keep reading to see why natural remedies for eczema are the way to go.

When this skin disorder becomes itchy, it spirals into a constant battle of scratching, resulting in greater flare-ups.  The greater the flare-up, the more itching there is, hence the more scratching one does, which exacerbates the condition, setting one on the path to skin destruction.

When the skin is scratched, it not only triggers the release of 「inflammatory mediators」, but it also results in minute abrasions or cuts in the epidermis of the skin.  These openings make the skin more prone to the entrance of microorganisms.  This then places the skin in a compromising situation, as it interrupts the skin’s natural protective barrier, opening one up to a whole new host of issues such as skin dehydration and an alteration of the skin natural protective shield.

This is clearly shown in the photo above, where the skin became excessively itchy and dry, resulting in open lesions.  In the presence of micro-organisms, the area can easily become infected making the condition much more difficult to treat.

The case above is a dear friend of mine who is currently under a high amount of stress.  When I saw her hands, I couldn’t believe the discomfort she must have been in.  I immediately ordered her a bottle of the DermaSpray and the Zeoderm cream from  I knew a natural remedy for eczema was what she needed.

After 4 days of use, she sent photos of her hands. Here are the results.

Apr 9 - before

Apr 12 - After the Spray

She was ecstatic with the results.  It allowed her to continue on with her usual lifestyle, reducing inflammation and taking away the itch instantly.  After months of medicated creams, it was clear that the benefits of a natural remedy for eczema was the best treatment in the case of eczema.

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