Does What You Eat Cause Acne?

//Does What You Eat Cause Acne?

Does What You Eat Cause Acne?

Does What You Eat Cause Acne

Food is something that is often looked at as a cause of acne in people varying in age. Sugary foods and greasy foods are the usual culprits while having a healthy diet, with less meat, is meant to help keep your skin clear. Does changing your diet really make acne less likely?

The truth is that dermatologists are very split on whether there’s a connection between food and acne. Many will cite studies that indicate this statement to be true, while others say those studies have too small a sample size to hold any merit. Many studies used information volunteered by the participants where their own biases could have heavily influenced the resulting information. Still, there are individuals who have noticed their skin to clear up after adjusting how and what they eat.   Many believe that adopting a healthier diet is always beneficial when it comes to the skin health.

Eating many processed foods or eating a lot of sugar can cause your insulin levels to increase rapidly. This leads to an increase in sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands located in the skin, which acts both as a lubricant/protector and a waterproof barrier for the hair and skin.  They are situated throughout the majority of the skin, but are in greater abundance on the face and scalp. Increased production of sebum can lead to clogged pores which can ultimately lead to acne.

Milk and other dairy products can also worsen acne. Milk that we get from the store or that is used in dairy products comes from pregnant cows and as a result, has a high level of hormones within. These hormones can then cause an increase of oil being produced on your skin. This, of course, also leads to clogged pores which can result in an acne break out. You can try reducing the amount of milk you drink, or switch to almond milk, if you want to reduce the effects of dairy.

If you experiment with your diet and find that removing a certain food helps reduce common break outs, then try to avoid it as much as possible. Certain diets or meals have different effects on a range of individuals, but with time and research, you may find what works best for you. In addition to this, using natural products for better skin health is always a great way to help reduce acne.  You are welcome to review the selection found  here.

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