Dealing With Body Acne

//Dealing With Body Acne

Dealing With Body Acne

What do you think of when we mention the term acne? Most people think of the red spots or blackheads that show up on a teenager’s face. The truth is acne is not just prone to the face, it can and does affect the body just as much.

The most common areas on the body that acne affects is the back of arms and legs as well as the chest. The common trait body acne has with face acne is it looks the same but can be painful if spread over a large area.

Acne on your face having smaller pores and less thickness of skin, makes it easier to deal with than acne on your body. Since acne is caused by a mixture of excess oil and dead skin cells that block the pores, you can pretty much get it wherever your skin produces oil. This makes treating certain areas quite difficult as you can imagine.

 dealing with body acne

Here are some effective tips to help you deal with body acne:

Wear clothes throughout the day that are breathable. Clothing that doesn’t breathe will stop any healing due to the warmth which also makes bacteria spread and grow. A highly recommended fabric for your clothing is cotton. It is breathable and soft, two very important factors you need to speed up your healing.

Use only a natural acne treatment that doesn’t have any artificial ingredients in it. Treatments that have harsh chemicals can make the recovery process very painful and irritating.

Another fact is while washing your clothes avoid using fabric softeners. Fabric softeners leave a residue on your clothes and can get on your skin causing a reaction.

As with facial acne, you need to wash your skin on a regular basis to get rid of dirt and bacteria that causes the acne to flare up. Shower at least once during the day and twice if you have just performed heavy activity that makes you sweat. Always use a gentle soap and keep any bath cleaning products such as sponges or brushes clean.

Keeping body acne at bay is very much possible through common sense approaches and the few tips mentioned above. Clean your skin regularly and let it breathe, and you will find that body acne can be kept at bay.


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