What Can Cause Adult Acne In Women?

//What Can Cause Adult Acne In Women?

What Can Cause Adult Acne In Women?

What Can Cause Adult Acne In WomenAcne is a skin condition that affects not only teens, but has an effect on adults as well. In fact, there has been a steady increase of adult acne cases over the last couple of decades. Having severe breakouts during your teens, is often a sign that the condition will continue on into adulthood.  This is due to an overproduction of sebum, or skin oils, resulting in an excessively oily skin.  Aside from teenage acne carrying over into adulthood, there are many other potential reasons one might experience acne breakouts during adulthood.

Certain foods may be a contributing factor to acne breakouts. While studies show that iodine in particular, can be a potential cause of acne, there are a number of other foods that cause individuals to develop breakouts. If you begin to notice that eating a specific food causes an acne flare-up, then it would be best to avoid it. Sugar in particular can also cause acne by raising your insulin levels. You should try consuming less sugar in your diet and consider foods that have more whole grains.

Washing with the wrong products or using harsh chemicals can also be a contributing factor to acne formation. It is better to rely on more natural skin care methods. Oil free and water based products that are gentle on the skin are best. Also, it is possible that cleansing too frequently can also stimulate more oils on the skin as the skin thinks it is not producing enough in the first place. Washing more than two times a day causes your skin to dry out. This leads to it producing more oil to moisturize and that oil then causes acne.

Internal causes such as hormones and stress can also create breakouts. Changes in hormone levels, like before a menstrual cycle, can result in excess testosterone (the male hormone), which may produce more skin oils, resulting in deep acne on the back, neck and chin.  Stress is a particularly common cause of breakouts. Your body’s natural reaction to stress is to create what is known as cortisol. This process also sends testosterone into the body. Outside factors like pollution and smog in the air also cause those breakouts.

The best way to manage acne conditions at any age is with natural remedies that soothe your skin. Exfoliate with natural products often to keep your pores clean and free of dirt and be sure to never leave home without a spot treatment product with you, in the event you need a quick fix.

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