Over 50 And Still Getting Acne? Manage With These Tips:

Over 50 And Still Getting Acne? Manage With These Tips:

Over 50 And Still Getting AcneWhen we think of acne we think of teenagers right away.  But acne can affect people at any age and time in life. Although it is rare for people over the age of 50 to get breakouts, it is quite possible and prevalent.

Not to worry though there are great natural ways to treat any acne flare-ups.  To combat mature acne the first thing you need to do is figure out the cause of the acne.

Is your acne a reaction to a new skincare product you are using or something else in the environment?  A sensitivity to new chemicals can cause acne like legions on your skin and in that case a trip to your doctor would be advisable.

If it is acne that has erupted on your skin then follow these strategies to prevent and get rid of the acne:

1)      Clean and exfoliate the skin daily using natural acne products.

2)      Remove all makeup from the face and wash gently before going to bed each night.

3)      Eliminate using products which have heavy chemical compounds on your skin.

4)      If you already have a breakout don’t aggravate it by picking, scratching or squeezing it.

You never want to spread the bacteria around, so make sure to never pick at it especially as that can also be very painful. While it is very tempting to cover up acne with makeup for women, it is not recommended. Makeup can block your pores which is the opposite of what you need to get rid of acne. Although makeup brings about a certain level of confidence it’s best to avoid the acne portion of the face to allow it to heal rapidly.  Instead you can use some of Natural Concept’s safe and effective acne control products to eliminate acne.  Our products are all natural with no harsh chemicals or ingredients.

Try using some of these tips on yourself no matter what age you are and keep acne away.